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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cash in by Writing Profiles that Pay 10 Cents per Word

Let's focus on profiles for a moment.

If you’ve always wanted to write for magazines but feared you didn’t have the expertise, profiles are a great way to break in. Using myself as an example, I know almost nothing about dirt bikes or ceramics, but I’m pretty sure I could write profiles of people who are active in these fields and thus believe I could successfully write for publications like Dirt Rag Magazine and Ceramics Monthly, both of which accept profile pieces and pay freelance writers 10 cents per word.
In my new e-book for writers, 50 Markets that Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents per Word, I provide author guidelines and contact information for a diverse collection of magazines, newspapers, websites, and e-zines, many of which are seeking well-written profiles of interesting people who are doing something worthwhile and unique in the world of sports, business, politics, the arts, environmental issues, animal rights, and so on.
The possibilities for this type of article are endless.
Unique people exist in all facets of life. Think about just the people whom you personally know. Maybe your dentist moonlights as a novelist, or perhaps there is a teenaged entrepreneur in your daughter’s school. Maybe your next-door-neighbor knits scarves for the homeless despite his own financial struggles, or a local artist you are friends with isn’t as well known as she should be. Now throw in your Internet acquaintances, and I bet you can think of lots of people who are interesting enough to write about for publications you may not yet even realize exist.
Most magazines are pretty clear about what they want in a profile. Often, it is simply a straightforward interview with a local business owner, artist, or athlete. In many cases, the publication will actually have a “wish list” of people they’d like to feature. One website I regularly write for, for example, often sends me personalized requests to write profiles of Muslim scientists.
Profiles are usually fun to write because you frequently get to be creative as you write the “story” of someone’s life or work. The people you interview are usually happy to be interviewed due to the positive publicity, and you usually end up learning new things as you acquire another clip to add to your growing portfolio. Readers enjoy profiles as well (the lure of a good profile is often what sells a particular issue of a magazine), so editors will generally do their best to help a coveted profile make it into print (more on this in a future post).
What kinds of profiles can you write for 10 cents per word?
Check out the author guidelines in 50 Markets that Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents per Word. I’m almost certain something will strike your fancy and inspire you to write a profile.

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